Practicing Patience

We’ve all grown up being told that patience is a virtue, often by our stressed-out, frazzled parents. But why is it a virtue? Did anyone ever explain that to you?

Patience gets a bad rap in our busy, modern world. We are told we have to do more and be more to get ahead.

We move through tasks, and indeed, through life, as quickly as possible, just to get to the next task on the list.

We want everything immediately–we are used to having information at our fingertips and don’t want to wait for anything.

But, what are we missing out on by requiring instant gratification and living as full of a life as possible so we look busy, and therefore, important? Continue reading

Live More Slowly

It’s amazing how much happier people who move more slowly really are. When we rush from one task to another, we measure our days by how much we get done, not how much we’ve lived.

Slowing down the pace helps us appreciate the small things in life that make our lives richer and truly worth living.

Cultivate Loving Relationships

Impatient people aren’t any fun to be around. Patient people, on the other hand, tend to accept people just as they are and enjoy their uniqueness.

Patient people offer their support and unconditional love to those in their lives, which brings joy to all. Continue reading