Healthy Success

Just about everyone wants to be successful in life. This includes having success with a relationship, at work, in your family life and it means having the finances you want as well.

One problem that many people have is that they see all of these things as a way to make you happy. Do you feel this way too? Are you always thinking that once you are making a certain amount of money your life will suddenly change and you will automatically become happy? If so, you are not alone, unfortunately this is not the way you should be thinking.

Let’s look at this with a new perspective. Are you honestly happy when you are sick or feeling tired? Are you truly happy being obese? The answer to these questions is normally NO. Continue reading

Your Job, Your Health and Your Success in LifeEveryone today needs to have some type of job in order to survive. A job provides you with the means to support your family and to keep them in good health.

What happens, though, when you begin to hate your job? Do you have other options or is your job worth risking your health and possibly your life over?

It is a sad fact today that thousands of people go to a job that they hate each day. The only reason they go is because their job pays the bills. They do not enjoy what they do and each mile to work is filled with dread and utter dislike.

If the above scenario applies to you it is time to start thinking of ways you can make changes in your life. We all understand that your job pays the bills and supports your family, but what will happen if you aren’t around anymore? Continue reading