Inner Strength

When we go actively searching for ways to beef up our inner strength, it’s because we’re in a state of helplessness – almost like we’re hanging on by a thread and feel like if we don’t get a stronger hold on our emotions and confidence, we could lose everything.

Inner strength is defined by each person uniquely. You might see it as simply being able to say no when you want to, while another person might consider it living life in a way where every action and emotion you have is geared toward your happiness.

We’re All Born with Inner Strength

When we’re first born, we are void of excuses – of negative thought patterns about ourselves or life in general. There’s nothing we can’t do. You’ve seen babies and toddlers move about – they do it with no fear. They attempt things without thinking of consequences. Continue reading

Can Inner Strength Have a Direct Impact on Your Outer Strength?Just as your inner strength can affect your outer beauty through confidence, it can also affect your outer strength. There are different types of strength, of course – mental confidence and physical power.

With both of these, your inner stores of strength and confidence will play an important role. How you present yourself to others and what you’re able to physically achieve can be determined by your belief in yourself.

When things happen that are outside your control – a car wreck, a pink slip at work – it’s your inner strength that can help you deal with these outside factors.

You have two ways that you react to whatever happens. Continue reading