Finding Your “Why”

We all have things we’ve got to get done. Some of them are work related, some of them are chores around the house, and some have to do with the people we care about. As long as we’re having fun and are enjoying what we’re doing, motivation isn’t an issue.

But, when it is something we don’t really want to do, it gets a bit trickier. Then we have to motivate ourselves to get off the couch and get to work. And that internal motivation isn’t always easy.

Today I want to share a little strategy with you that will make it easy to get and stay motivated. The key is to find your “why”. The why is simply the reason why something needs to get done and how it benefits you in the end.

Your reason for doing something – your “why” – can be something big or small. Continue reading

Let me ask you a question? Are you living a purpose driven life? Or are you living day to day, just moving along wherever life chooses to take you?

We live in a time and age filed with distractions. We are bombarded by media at all hours of the day and night. It’s easy to lose track of what’s important and what we should be doing.

One way we cope with this information overload is by focusing on the “what”. What do we need to do today? There’s a reason there is such a huge market for planners and organizers. There’s a reason why so many of us work with daily to-do lists. It helps us sort through the mess and pick out a handful of things we need to get done today. Continue reading