Finding Your Purpose

Do you know how to find your purpose? If you posed that question to several people, the majority would likely answer no. It’s because there is a world of possibilities. People are afraid to try something new out of fear of the unknown. They often don’t know how to go about looking for what they should be doing.

You need first to ask if what you are doing now is satisfying. Put aside the bills and your paycheck for a moment. Do you get a charge out of getting up every morning to go to work? How do you feel on Sunday evenings, assuming you start up work on Mondays? Do you dread having to get up in the morning on Monday, or does it excite you?

Another problem is you may feel stuck doing something in which you don’t believe. Suppose you work for a company that isn’t doing right by the community. Continue reading

The next time you catch yourself daydreaming, take a moment to reflect on your thoughts. Daydreams are a mechanism that can remind you of what you want. In other words, they can be a guidance system to your purpose.

For instance, suppose you always wanted to start your own company. You may find this to be the content of your daydreams. Pay attention to that. If you truly want to start a company, learn what steps you need to take.

Your daydreams are usually detailed enough to let you know what kind of business you want to start. For instance, if you have always wanted to open a hardware store, you may picture yourself dealing with customers and calling suppliers. Your daydreams may even show you solving problems in your imaginary business. Continue reading