The next time you catch yourself daydreaming, take a moment to reflect on your thoughts. Daydreams are a mechanism that can remind you of what you want. In other words, they can be a guidance system to your purpose.

For instance, suppose you always wanted to start your own company. You may find this to be the content of your daydreams. Pay attention to that. If you truly want to start a company, learn what steps you need to take.

Your daydreams are usually detailed enough to let you know what kind of business you want to start. For instance, if you have always wanted to open a hardware store, you may picture yourself dealing with customers and calling suppliers. Your daydreams may even show you solving problems in your imaginary business.

When you have daydreams, try writing down the details on a notepad. You can do this on a smart device.

However, a notepad is often more accessible. After all, you want to capture the details as quickly as possible so as not to forget them.

Do this for several weeks and try to notice trends in your notes. These are hot topics that you can use to explore your new venture. Focus on any common themes that you may see. These can be your research points.

You are under no obligation to pursue your daydreams. However, they are there for a reason. They are a part of who you are and what defines you. It could turn out that you pursue what you believe is your life purpose based on your daydreams. Then, you find it wasn’t what you were expecting. When that happens, those daydreams will disappear. Then, you will likely discover others.

Don’t worry if you think your daydreams are outlandish. Most successful people are out-of-the-box thinkers. They likely had outlandish daydreams themselves. The difference is they pursued what they daydreamed. There is no reason why you can’t do the same.

It doesn’t have to be a career change that makes daydreams relevant. For instance, suppose you have always wanted to create an organization that helps others. You could achieve this philanthropic venture without giving up your current situation, such as your career. Over time, you may decide to focus all your energy on your new philanthropy. There is nothing wrong with this. Just follow your daydreams. They know a lot more than you think.