Trusting Yourself

Many people don’t trust themselves for one reason or another. If you include yourself in this group, ask yourself why. Knowing the cause can help you break the issue down and begin to change. Once you discover the problem, you will be well on your way to learning how to trust yourself.

Start with your childhood. No, this doesn’t mean you have to spill your guts to a shrink lying on a couch. However, if you think back to your childhood, it can give you some clues as to why you have developed a distrust of yourself. Perhaps your parents were distrustful of themselves. It could also be siblings or other relatives. The purpose is not to blame them. Just recognize that it happened and use it to move forward.

Do you find it difficult to trust others? It’s a situation that causes you to be in a constant mode of distrust. It isn’t too much of a stretch for that mode to extend to you. Therefore, you have to learn how to start putting trust in other people. Most people will appreciate you for it. Continue reading

If you have difficulty trusting yourself, the problem may be that you are too dependent on others. When this happens, you tend to let the situation grow and become further dependent on more and more people. That presents a problem when called upon to handle situations on your own.

Have you ever let someone else take over a part of your job? While you may feel a temporary relief when this happens, you could be setting yourself up for future failure. The reason why it happened is that you didn’t trust that you could do the job yourself.

The above scenario often happens when you are asked to do something outside of your comfort zone. Perhaps, your boss wants to test how you will handle a situation that is new. He or she gives you an assignment knowing that you have never dealt with it before. Continue reading