Emotional Care

Let’s face it, life can get pretty hectic and emotionally draining. We can easily end up spending more time stressing than being productive and it affects all aspects of our lives. Forced to multi-task, we don’t really give the necessary time and attention to any particular project or goal, just to get by and make it to the next day.

Take Control

Instead of trying to take in everything all at once, try analyzing each trying situation with the following 3-step process. These three tips help us avoid impulsive decisions based on unstable emotions and make it easier to keep our composure, process and then make a move.

1 – Perception is Everything

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Taking care of our bodies and minds simply isn’t enough. Too often, we walk around like zombies in a fog, barely making it from one day to the next. We are emotionally zapped, stretched too thin and are stressed to the hilt.

It’s high time to learn how to increase our emotional energy and get back on track with life. We often limit ‘energy’ to our physical body and our minds. The importance of proper diet and exercise, along with good, restful sleep helps the physical body replenish energy.

Our minds are fed through knowledge, mindfulness and seeing the glass half full instead of half empty. We also have an emotional energy level that sometimes gets depleted when things get too hectic and we can’t find a sense of balance. Continue reading