Hope is an essential part of the human experience. Without it, we can lose drive, a sense of security and even our imagination. To have hope for the future means we can rely on our ability to continue living in a way that’s pleasing. Even if that means adjusting to a new reality.

What Exactly Does Having Hope Mean?

Hope stems from a certain form of optimism. By expecting a positive outcome, hope can create a sense of confidence. Hope often helps us to anticipate a future with joy while staving off feelings of depression.

We can have hope in a probable or improbable outcome. Hoping to become a famous film director by producing home movies may not be likely. Hoping to get over the flu before the end of the week, may be entirely plausible. Interestingly enough, the expectation of something positive can create happiness even if the final outcome does not turn out as planned. Continue reading


Positive thinking.


They are all important components of improving your life. They are not, however, equal ideas.

There are different times to use them and there are differences between them. If you understand this, then you will have a greater chance of executing them successfully. So, what’s the difference?


Hope powers your future. It is an expression of your wishes, your wishes that things will get better or turn out well. It’s an expression of your desire to have a better future, whether it’s for yourself, others, or both. Hope injects you with a reason to persevere, to keep trying, to keep going, and it has a profound motivational impact on you, too. Continue reading