Limitless Energy

Too many of us, it seems, are constantly striving for better energy without even really remembering what it really feels like to have high energy levels.

Many of us, for instance, will drink strong coffee in order to feel energetic. Strong coffee wakes us up in the morning, helps us to focus, and it helps us to get through the day. Some people will even use stimulants such as energy drinks shot drinks, or other potentially harmful substances.. But that feeling is not real energy.

That feeling is simply an imbalance in your brain chemistry that forces you to feel awake and productive. This is being ‘wired’, not being energetic. And when you run on empty like this for long enough, eventually the debt must be paid. Continue reading

Breaking Habits that Drain EnergyWant to improve your energy levels?

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to achieve that is to look at the things in your life that are draining your energy and remove them.

Rather than being an additive way to improve your energy, this is a ‘subtractive’ method. In other words, you are improving your energy by doing less and not by doing more – which is considerably easier when your energy was low to begin with and taking on new challenges can be exhausting.

But which habits should you break if you want to get back your energy? Here are some of the top candidates. Continue reading