Too many of us, it seems, are constantly striving for better energy without even really remembering what it really feels like to have high energy levels.

Many of us, for instance, will drink strong coffee in order to feel energetic. Strong coffee wakes us up in the morning, helps us to focus, and it helps us to get through the day. Some people will even use stimulants such as energy drinks shot drinks, or other potentially harmful substances.. But that feeling is not real energy.

That feeling is simply an imbalance in your brain chemistry that forces you to feel awake and productive. This is being ‘wired’, not being energetic. And when you run on empty like this for long enough, eventually the debt must be paid.

What Having Energy Should Feel Like

So with that in mind, what would it take to genuinely feel energetic and to really be running on full instead of always running on empty? The easiest way to understand what having lots of energy feels like, is to know what being really healthy feels like.

Having lots of energy doesn’t feel like there’s rocket fuel powering you to keep going – because it doesn’t need to. Instead, you will simply feel as you do on your best days. Fresh. Each breath will help to fill your lungs with more enthusiasm for the day, you’ll have no trace of headache or brain fog and you’ll be excited and enthusiastic for whatever you’re doing – energy brings that.

How Energy Improves Your Life

What’s more, feeling this way can help you to improve nearly every aspect of your life.

First of all, having this kind of boundless energy will make you feel happier and much more positive. You will enjoy life more simply by feeling less tired and having more to give.

What’s more, this will help you to perform better in at work, be more engaged and charismatic with the people you talk to, and get more done in your spare time. You’ll enhance your relationships and your way of life simply by having more resources to throw at them, while you’ll be able to get more benefit and productivity out of every spare moment. This is what will allow you to stick to an exercise regime, to take on a side project to earn more income… generally to take your life where you want it to be.

And, it feels great doing it.

That is what it is like to have boundless energy.