Self Help Life Hacks

When did our lives get so complicated? We need calendars, reminders and apps just to get us through the day. Our houses are bigger, our cars are fancier and our jobs more complicated.

How would you like to make one little tweak to simplify all sorts of things in your busy daily life?

When you think about it, the hardest part and what makes it seem too busy is the fact that we constantly have to think about what to do next and make decisions. That gets tiring. From what I’ve read it sounds like there is a finite amount of decision making we have to work with every single day.

In other words, once we’ve used up all our decision making for the day, we’re no longer able to make smart choices. That explains the urge to just lay on the couch and watch whatever is on TV after a long, hard day.

The solution is to establish routines. Once you get into a routine your day suddenly doesn’t seem as chaotic anymore. You know exactly what you should be doing next and can do half of it on auto-pilot. Continue reading

Our lives have gotten so hectic, haven’t they? There never seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done. And then there are the constant interruptions. The phone rings, there’s a new email or text message, a colleague walks in the office. Our day sometimes feels like nothing more than one interruption after another.

Add to that the superficiality of being surrounded by media and ads and it’s no wonder we crave a simpler and more spiritual life. While we can’t change our surroundings, there is a hack we can utilize that will help us be calmer, more centered and more spiritual – starting our day with a spiritual activity.

Start your day of with a prayer, some meditation, reading your bible or writing in your journal. Pick something that feels right for you. It doesn’t have to be faith-based. Spirituality is so much more than believing in a particular faith. Continue reading