Making Better Choices

Our life is a sum of all the choices we have made. There are moments when we feel really proud of the choices we have made, where we may have made the right choice providing us with better opportunities. There may have also been moments when we may have made a poor choice, and they make you feel not so good. It is all part of the so-called game of life.

If life were indeed a game, then our ability to win would be determined mostly by our choices. If we make good choices, that sets us down a path of success. However, if we make a poor judgment, it may potentially lead us down a path of failure or not provide us with the outcome we envisaged.

The ability to make good decisions or to choose well is an excellent skill to develop. Many successful people have a keen ability to choose wisely and make smart decisions. Whether we like it or not, we all have to make choices. Some are tougher to make than the rest, but there is no doubt that every choice leads us down certain paths. Continue reading

Making our own choices can be viewed as a gift, although it can also be a challenging ordeal. The capacity to choose represents our freedom and empowers us to be agents of change in our own lives.

With the ability to choose comes a sense of responsibility for the outcomes and subsequent paths that result from these decisions. Our choices hold us accountable for our actions and require us to navigate the consequences of our decisions.

Despite the challenges that come with making choices, the opportunity to exert influence over our lives is a valuable and empowering experience. So there is a lot of good in our ability to make our own choices, which is why it is important to beat the uncomfortable emotions that can arise from being presented with options. Continue reading