Self Reflection

What is self-reflection? It’s essentially just carefully considering your beliefs, experiences, changes, events, and your own behavior. Normally we save this type of self-reflection for the end of the year as we set our resolutions for the New Year. You don’t need to wait for that, though. You can self-reflect at any point, and it’s important. There are a number of benefits of self-reflection. Let’s take a look:

The Benefits of Self-Reflection

1 – Emotional Intelligence

Self-reflection forces you to look inside yourself. That helps you create two sets of building blocks – self-regulation, as well as self-awareness. These are key components of emotional intelligence. Self-awareness allows you to understand your values, to know what drives you, to realize your goals, to get a deeper understanding into your emotions, weaknesses, and strengths. Continue reading

What do you see what you look in the mirror? Yourself. That is a physical reflection. Easy of course. Requiring much more effort, but with much greater reward, is emotional self-reflection. It’s all about assessing yourself through a reflective lens.

You’re thinking about how you act, the words that you use, and the decisions that you make. Why is that something that you should do? Well, it’s important, there are plenty of benefits, and ultimately, you can use it to become a better person.

Self-Reflection is Important

Self-reflection allows you to take a look at yourself honestly and make improvements. You’re asking questions of yourself and encouraging yourself to do better. Why do you do the things that you do, why do you act in certain ways, is there a better way to do things? Continue reading