When people think of character strengths, humor isn’t usually at the top of the list. Some the more popular choices are gratitude, integrity, wisdom and courage.

People who are considered strong in character draw others to them to learn what they know about life, relationships and finances. Yet, the same could be said about those with a sense of humor. People flock to those who are funny! Have you ever been to a comedy show or seen a stand-up act? They definitely draw in a crowd!

On the flip side of the coin, humorous people have also been labeled as class clowns and a distraction. Leaders are not described as clowns, which is probably why it’s hard to see humor as a strength instead of a weakness, as far as personality traits are concerned. In recent years people have started to realize that humor is an important character strength, just like the other heavy hitters. Continue reading

People who possess a great sense of humor are nice to be around. They can make people laugh effortlessly, and when you are around them, the atmosphere is light. You can feel yourself smiling when in their company. You know they are funny and can make many situations humorous, however, are they also intelligent? You probably haven’t given any thought as to whether they are intelligent or not.

Is there a scientific or natural explanation as to whether humor and intelligence are linked?

Here’s what we’ve found:

Studies Suggest Humor is a Sign of Intelligence

There are various studies that support the link between humor and intelligence. In one research study, scientists conducted an evaluation between comedians and non-comedians in order to test their intelligence. The results suggested that they can appear more verbally intelligent, compared to those who lack self-confidence. Continue reading