Daring to Dare

When you think of being daring, what exactly comes to mind? Base jumping? Skydiving? Training lions? Speaking in front of thousands of people? Singing in front of a crowd? When you think of people who are daring, do you think of… you?

Each one of us has the capability to be daring if we only realize that it’s inside us. Once we know that it’s there, we can find ways to bring it out, so that we live a fuller, happier, and more exciting life!

Doing daring things, and becoming more daring starts inside you, and rippled outward from there.

If you feel as if only famous, wealthy, exciting people can be daring – well, you couldn’t be further from the truth! You don’t need anything special to be daring – no prerequisite skills, special talents, or specific advantages. Continue reading

We often find ourselves wanting to be more daring in our life, but not knowing where or how to start. Or, we simply fear that being daring will cause us pain or heartbreak. These are valid fears, but how will you ever know, if you don’t dare to DO?

Fear will rule you if you allow it to do so. And despite what you may think, there is no easy way around fear. You can’t go around it, above it, below it… you can only go through it.

That is, if you want to do something you fear, the only way to not fear it any longer is to… you guessed it… just do it.

Isn’t it better to give it a try and fail, rather than never to know if it could have been achieved?

Failure is simply learning how things won’t work. Once you know how they won’t work, you can try again keeping that knowledge in mind, and find ways that it will work! But you’ll never know if you never try. Continue reading