When you think of being daring, what exactly comes to mind? Base jumping? Skydiving? Training lions? Speaking in front of thousands of people? Singing in front of a crowd? When you think of people who are daring, do you think of… you?

Each one of us has the capability to be daring if we only realize that it’s inside us. Once we know that it’s there, we can find ways to bring it out, so that we live a fuller, happier, and more exciting life!

Doing daring things, and becoming more daring starts inside you, and rippled outward from there.

If you feel as if only famous, wealthy, exciting people can be daring – well, you couldn’t be further from the truth! You don’t need anything special to be daring – no prerequisite skills, special talents, or specific advantages.

Your being daring doesn’t have to mean that you have to even tell anyone. You can be daring in your own way, on your own path, in small yet significant ways that only you need to know.

Maybe it means simply saying hello to someone you don’t yet know and starting a conversation. Maybe it’s taking a new route home – one that will allow you to see more wildlife or more forests, instead of taking the freeway. Daring comes in big and small packages, and it can have a profound effect on your entire life.

Being daring simply means pushing past your comfort limits and into new territory, whatever that might be. It means doing something you wouldn’t normally do because you’re afraid of others’ reactions. It means living life a little bit larger.

There are lots of things that you can do to be more daring in your everyday life. Strike up a conversation with a stranger. Help a homeless person or an elderly person. Do things that others won’t do. Talk to people others won’t talk to. Dance down the sidewalk. Read a book out loud to kids at the bookstore. Play charades.

Daring has a meaning that is different to each of us. If we learn what daring means to us, individually, we can strike out in search of ways – small and large – to add a bit of daring to our own lives.

And, when we live larger, it ripples outward to everyone we know. This is the true value of becoming more daring!