Setting Goals

Our life is initially predetermined by the people, place, and circumstances we are born into. Moving beyond our beginnings, to a much larger degree than most admit, is up to us. As the famous adage goes, “Life is what you make it.”

Regardless of the influence that lineage, family, geographic advantage, or education has on a person, nothing could be more powerful and potent than an individual’s own life choices. Your choices are what will set you up for success, or the failure to reach your full potential.

Ultimately, the power lies in your hands. Having goals is what sets our path in life. By failing to set goals, we are simply relegating everything that happens to us to fate. Continue reading

Being successful doesn’t get handed to a person on a silver platter. Most people have to work their way against various odds and sometimes unimaginable setbacks before they’re able to really call themselves successful. Life is made up of a series of challenges and we have to expect the same thing especially when pursuing our goals.

Setting goals is only the first step, but following through with our goals and seeing them through to completion make up the bigger and harder chunk of the whole process. Taking action and putting in work will not be enough if you’re not fully committed to the goal that you are aiming to accomplish.

Human as we are, our brains are naturally wired to protect us from change, difficulty, and perceived danger, and so to persist means to go beyond this nature and that requires real determination. Persistence, as we know it, doesn’t come easy or naturally to many of us. Continue reading