Conflict is an inevitable part of life. As much as we may want to avoid it, there are moments when we either witness aggressive behavior towards others, or we are the ones having the aggression directed at ourselves.

It’s also possible that we become the aggressor in particular circumstances. Our lack of control over other people, and how they think, act, or react toward us, makes aggressive communication a common event in our lives.

Aggression is any deliberate intent to cause harm, inflict pain or cause fear in another person. Whichever form it comes in, whether it is physical aggression or verbal aggression towards another, it is done with malicious intent to dominate the other person and intimidate them in the process. Continue reading

Any form of aggression is bound to affect another person negatively. It can severely affect a person’s confidence, and ultimately sever ties and ruin relationships. There are several ways that aggressive behavior or aggressive communication can affect individuals.

Here are the most common effects of how aggression can impact a person negatively:

Creates a Lack of Trust

Trust is a vital component in any relationship. Whether it is a relationship within the family, platonic or romantic, a healthy dynamic necessitates trust. Aggressiveness creates conflict, causes tension in relationships, and leads to a loss of trust. Where there is too much discomfort and pain, people will tend to create defenses to protect themselves from further hurt from the aggressive individual. Continue reading