The Subconscious Mind

Our minds are a very powerful tool for making things happen. From the smallest task that we want to carry out up to the biggest goal that we want to achieve in the course of a lifetime, it all starts in our minds. We don’t readily think this way because the mind both has conscious and subconscious parts to it.

Conscious thoughts are what we are keenly aware of, while subconscious thoughts are those that we hardly know exist, but are inside our minds after all. Although we don’t often acknowledge it (because it is subconscious…), the subconscious mind is what drives much of our behavior.

Conscious Mind vs. Subconscious Mind

While the conscious mind is what we have some degree of awareness and control of, it is the subconscious mind that governs all patterns of behavior and thinking. It works 24/7 to control all involuntary movements, ensuring that we stay the same in all ways possible. The subconscious mind enables us to respond in a certain way without thinking actively about it. Continue reading

Many of us have a preconceived notion that any kind of change in our life is going to be difficult, even impossible at times. We all have dreams and desires that never get to materialize because of a fear of change. Success is beautiful, but the things that come along with it, like hard work and all the arduous changing are difficult to tackle. Many people give up along the way because it all gets too hard.

The moment you understand that everything you experience in your current reality is a reflection and result of the dominant thoughts and beliefs you have been nurturing in your mind is the moment you can stop looking for things to blame outside yourself.

There are things outside of our control, and there are also things within our control. More importantly, the thoughts we cultivate regularly are one of those things that are within our control. The Law of Attraction states that our predominant thoughts ultimately create our reality and life experiences. Because of this, and to fully exploit this power, we need to become more intentional of our own thoughts. Continue reading