Many of us have a preconceived notion that any kind of change in our life is going to be difficult, even impossible at times. We all have dreams and desires that never get to materialize because of a fear of change. Success is beautiful, but the things that come along with it, like hard work and all the arduous changing are difficult to tackle. Many people give up along the way because it all gets too hard.

The moment you understand that everything you experience in your current reality is a reflection and result of the dominant thoughts and beliefs you have been nurturing in your mind is the moment you can stop looking for things to blame outside yourself.

There are things outside of our control, and there are also things within our control. More importantly, the thoughts we cultivate regularly are one of those things that are within our control. The Law of Attraction states that our predominant thoughts ultimately create our reality and life experiences. Because of this, and to fully exploit this power, we need to become more intentional of our own thoughts.

Understanding the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Our mind is made up of the conscious and the subconscious. However, the more powerful portion of it lies in what makes up 95% of our total brain power – the subconscious. What constitutes 5% of our brainpower is the conscious mind, which is the one that engages with the physical world. Our conscious mind acts as a command center but it is limited in its recall and awareness of everything.

Meanwhile, the subconscious is the more powerful layer underneath, that’s kept a record of every single thing that happened to us in our lifetime. Its main role is to store away all memories, predominant thoughts, and life experiences that we’ve had, ensuring we behave and think in ways that are similar and congruent with how we have always thought and behaved.

The subconscious mind doesn’t have the capacity of discerning what is better for us, nor does it create things that we’ve never fed it. It merely receives and stores away data, yet it leads our lives in a major way, through habits and behaviors. This is why learning a new skill is difficult at first but ultimately becomes easier through time. With repetition, things gradually become more convenient for us and even reaches a point of becoming automatic, the sooner it becomes a mainstay in our subconscious minds.

The subconscious mind ultimately becomes the more powerful part of our mind, consistently recreating our experiences through our habits. It is the guardian of our comfort zones and explains why changes are more difficult at the beginning. Through our subconscious, we also get more of what we often think about.

To more effortlessly put us on a path that leads to more success in fulfilling our goals, we need to be more intentional with our thoughts and desires.

We already possess the ability to manifest our dreams. It is in harnessing this power and in knowing how to navigate the subconscious mind that we gain the incredible power of attracting situations, people, and opportunities that will bring us closer to making our dreams a reality.

Three Ways to Unlock Your Subconscious Mind’s Power

Our subconscious mind is a force to be reckoned with. It is in gaining the ability to control this powerful part of our brains that we attract success more easily, as well as naturally spot opportunities and situations that support our vision.

There are three steps to unlocking the subconscious mind’s power: declaring (asking), visualizing (believing), and behaving like it’s already done (receiving).

Define and Declare Your Desires

The first step towards unlocking this superpower is by consciously asking for what you want. Be intentional and focus on the positive feelings that go along with your desires. Don’t dwell on the negativity you don’t want to attract. Anything you give attention to, you are unconsciously creating. Lavish yourself with joyful thoughts, clearly define your goals, and declare them.

Visualize Your Dreams

Have more faith in yourself and your ability to manifest your dreams. More importantly, take action. But always maintain that sense of positive expectancy as you go about your life, knowing that you will soon receive the solutions you were asking for. Many of us have limiting beliefs that hinder us. Identify them and let these all go; they don’t serve you and your dreams well.

Anticipate and Receive

You’ve laid out the foundation of your life’s work and dreams by clearly defining your goals and declaring what you want. You’ve also worked on making them a reality through visualization, which took a lot of faith and casting away those limiting beliefs that didn’t serve you in the past.

As a final and most important step, be ready to receive what you asked for. The act of receiving means that you act as though you already have what you asked for, and being a vibrational match to your desires.