Healthy Nutrition

Eating healthy is more than just eating fruits and vegetables and putting as many colors of the rainbow as possible into our diet. When we say a person eats healthy, it’s more than just maintaining a nutritious diet.

There is more to nutrition than just eating fruits and vegetables. To eat a nutritious diet and have the foods we eat most benefit our health, it helps to understand that nutrition goes through a multi-stage process.

For us to be able to fully benefit from the food we eat means that the nutritional building blocks that make up our diet should be distributed throughout our system, then absorbed by the cells for optimal functioning, and ultimately eliminated from the body in the form of waste after it has been metabolized.

Therefore, the concept of nutrition is more than just maintaining a healthy diet. What we eat is only the first stage in a six-stage process. Continue reading

Your diet and nutrition are one of the most fundamental aspects of your lifestyle. You can’t be healthy if you don’t eat healthy foods. You can spend every day of your life exercising, but if you’re stuffing your body with food that doesn’t contain the nutrients it needs, this is going to adversely impact your health in a myriad of ways.

Food is a constant presence in our lives. It is available to us everywhere, but among the potential drawbacks of this are the choices we make. We often decide what we want to eat based on how the food tastes, how sumptuous it looks, or how hungry we are. That isn’t all bad unless we develop bad eating habits that contribute to the development of disease in the body.

So one of the essential components of healthy living is eating right. Eating right is incredibly important, but it may also take more effort to eat healthier. Continue reading