Have you ever had a person say that you have the same gentleness of nature or temper as your mother or your father? If so, that’s because we inherit some of our personality traits from our parents. However, our environment also has a massive part in shaping our different personality traits. Plus, even though they do, you can still change or modify your traits if you want to.

How Do You Inherit Traits?

Let’s get a little bit ‘science geeky’ to better understand how inheritance works.

Depending on whose genes were dominant, you can inherit certain traits from your mother or father. If your mother is reserved and you inherit that dominant gene, you’re more likely to be reserved as well. Continue reading

Have you ever taken a personality test to see what type of personality you have? Or have you heard that they are not absolute so you can’t be bothered? Perhaps you have been held back by some of the myths surrounding these tests.

The DiSC assessment, the Myers-Briggs personality test, and the Enneagram are all personality tests that categorize you into a specific personality typology.

They are interesting ways to help you become more self-aware, and you can feel amazed, and usually surprised when you see the results! You can feel that they’re quite accurate in describing your behavior, preferences, and even your innermost thoughts.

However, as we said earlier, they can introduce myths or misconceptions to people as the results may not be absolute. Each person is unique in their own way. Here are some of the common myths about personality types that might be holding you back in fully understanding what makes you, you. Continue reading