A Mindset for Health

A lot can be said about the correlation between health and your mindset, while there are plenty of detractors who say different, there are plenty of studies that show it to be true.

A positive mind-set can do a lot for success in your career and in your home life, so why would the same not be true for your health?

Positive Thinking

WebMD has a wonderful article by the Mayo Clinic that goes in depth discussing the benefits of positive thinking to your health. It isn’t just your mental health that improves either.

Notwithstanding the psychological benefits, positive thinking offers an increased life span, reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases, improved coping skills in times of stress, higher immunity levels, and lower rates of depression. Continue reading

As you get older, it gets harder to change your unhealthy living habits due to lack of time. It becomes hard to suddenly start leading a healthy life when you constantly have to deal with the stress of going to work, family obligations, as well as certain medical conditions that you may have gotten from your unhealthy habits.

If you didn’t start living healthy as a kid, you should definitely learn from that mistake and encourage your kids and younger relatives to do so, as learning healthy habits while you’re young will help you lead a fulfilling life as an adult.

First of all, the food you choose to eat at a young age will always be comfort food in your mind. Many people tend to buy junk food that they enjoyed as a kid whenever they feel stressed out. Continue reading