Wouldn’t it be great to create small habits that can help turn your life around?

When you implement these simple and small habits, you have the potential to be more successful with everything that you do.

1 – Setting Goals

Setting goals is one of the single most powerful habits you can create. Think of different areas of your life that could use a boost and create goals that will address them.

2 – Declutter

It is best to keep every area you live or work in tidy. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen for many of us. We are often too busy to clean all the time. At the very least, strive to keep the areas you spend the most time clutter-free.

3 – Start Meditation

The key to meditation is doing it consistently for short periods of time. A time commitment of several hours is not needed. You’ll still get the benefits as long as you commit to spending at least a few minutes meditating each day.

4 – Be More Positive

The world is a negative place, and it’s easy to revert to negative thinking. The news and the internet are flooded with ideas that will keep you in the negative space. By writing down positive thoughts every day, you reframe your mind to think in this manner.

5 – Give Other People Genuine Compliments

You will be amazed at how far this will go in boosting someone’s self-esteem. But, it does more than that. In many cases, we have to depend on others. Keeping harmonious relationships with others will go a long way in making this happen.

6 – Start a Sleep Routine

If you are someone who doesn’t sleep well at night, it may because you don’t have a good routine. You should strive to get up and go to bed the same time every day. When you do this, you are resetting your body’s natural “clock” to help you get better sleep.

7 – Commit to Learning

You can choose anything you are interested in and then look for training centered around that skill. Look for videos on YouTube to get you started. But, as you progress, try formal instruction available on websites like edx.org, or Udemy.com.


Actionable Steps




Create a money jar habit for your negative thoughts and sayings. Whenever you think a negative thought, place a nickel in the jar. Whenever you say something that is negative out loud, place a quarter in the jar. This will help you to reshape the way you think into a positive framework.



Get into the habit of volunteering at least once per month. Many companies offer volunteer opportunities. Sign up for ones that you want to help. You could choose to look for opportunities in your community as well. There are plenty of non-profit organizations that will take your help gladly.


Create a habit of training. Join a club that supports a skill you have wanted to learn. It’s great to learn online by taking new classes and viewing videos on the subject. But, there is nothing like learning what others have done in the area you are trying to learn. It’s also a great way to get contacts in the field.