Happiness is something we all want. There is possibly nothing more worth pursuing than a life filled with joy, well-being, and contentment. It seems to be the ultimate prize of a life well-lived.

However, many people still confuse their happiness. Do they only feel happy sometimes, or do they make an effort to be happy in their life?

Our Emotions and Feelings of Happiness

Having a deep feeling of elation or being happy is an emotion, and emotions are only temporary. Our emotions change all the time. Emotions like feeling sad, angry, excited, and happy are fleeting and are greatly influenced by external circumstances.

Our emotions are our reactions. While we can learn to manage them, they can be something that we have very little control over. We feel scared when our security and peace are threatened and angry when hurt or betrayed. We can’t stay happy in these types of situations. Continue reading

Time travel is a familiar concept in philosophy and science fiction. It is the concept of moving through different points in time, whether it be in the past or the future.

The thought of traveling through time can have us fantasize about how our life could be or could have been. Would we be happier if we could change the past or do we want to jet-propel ourselves into a happier future?

People spend time wishing they could change things. We would all like to control our destinies. Everything in our lives, including past pain and an uncertain future, are unsettling thoughts to wrestle with sometimes.

We are inclined to believe that if we could change the past or control the future, we would be happier. Continue reading