When you’re spending time alone, it can be easy to believe that you’re feeling lonely – especially if you aren’t particularly thrilled about spending time on your own.

However, there are some key differences that make feeling lonely much different than simply being alone. To get a better idea of the distinctions between feeling lonely and being alone, consider these key differences.

Difference 1 – People who are lonely still feel that emotion even when they’re surrounded by other people.

A common misconception about loneliness is that spending more time in groups or around other people will magically make that emotion disappear. This is far from the truth. Continue reading

Loneliness is a common emotion. Everyone experiences it at some point or another during their lifetime. There are many reasons why people develop feelings of loneliness, and while feeling lonely isn’t a pleasant emotion, it’s perfectly normal to experience it.

Everyone is different and can experience loneliness due to different causes. To gain a better understanding of how loneliness feels and how it can affect you, it’s best to learn about some common root causes of it. By having a better understanding of what can cause loneliness, it can be easier to quickly identify these emotions within yourself whenever you experience them.

Cause 1 – A Major Life Change or Transition

A major life change or transition into a new stage of your life can cause intense feelings of loneliness. Even if the change or transition doesn’t involve the loss of a relationship, it can involve changes in the way that existing relationship operates. Continue reading