Stopping Worry

Worrying is actually a habit – and one that’s sometimes very difficult to break.

Chronic worriers are so busy projecting themselves into a future filled with disastrous consequences that they miss the present moment.

The “what ifs” that worriers obsess about rarely come true, but can wreak havoc on the physical and mental health of the person worrying.

Breaking the worry cycle takes a lot of practice. You’ve got to pull yourself back from anxious thoughts about the future and plant yourself firmly in the present moment so you can observe and identify the problems and then do something about them.

Here are some tips to break the worry cycle and live a mindful life so you can finally get in touch with your emotions: Continue reading

Worry follows the negative things we’re exposed to. If you’re always worried about losing your job, you may need to rethink where you work or your chosen career path. If you worry that you’re ill with some dread disease, go to the doctor’s for a complete checkup and get the answers. If you are sick, at least you can take steps to get well.

Hanging around worriers and complainers isn’t good for your happiness quotient. Pessimism is contagious and can ruin a good day so fast it will feel like a plunge into deep, dark water. You can catch it from others or from the news on television or other avenues.

Think about the times you spent watching a funny movie or having a fun night out with friends. It feels as if you’ve had a renewing tonic afterward and you’re much more ready and able to face the day.

Here are some tips to consider practicing when you need to boost your happiness levels: Continue reading