Worry follows the negative things we’re exposed to. If you’re always worried about losing your job, you may need to rethink where you work or your chosen career path. If you worry that you’re ill with some dread disease, go to the doctor’s for a complete checkup and get the answers. If you are sick, at least you can take steps to get well.

Hanging around worriers and complainers isn’t good for your happiness quotient. Pessimism is contagious and can ruin a good day so fast it will feel like a plunge into deep, dark water. You can catch it from others or from the news on television or other avenues.

Think about the times you spent watching a funny movie or having a fun night out with friends. It feels as if you’ve had a renewing tonic afterward and you’re much more ready and able to face the day.

Here are some tips to consider practicing when you need to boost your happiness levels:

Tune Out the Negative

Just like you would turn off a depressing show on television or stop listening to sad songs on the radio, you can tune out negative people and situations in your life. By seeking more positive people and environments for your lifestyle, you’ll receive more peace – and happiness.

Be Grateful

The chemistry of gratefulness is real. When you feel grateful for something or someone in your life, your happiness soars. Even the warm, comfortable bed you sleep in is something to express gratefulness for. The love of a pet or a child is also heartwarming. Be grateful for something in your life every day.

Exercise Your Way to Happiness

The benefits of exercise are amazing when it comes to boosting your happiness levels. Aerobic exercise is particularly helpful in raising your endorphins, which are an integral part of making you feel energized.

What You Eat Can Make You Happy

You may be tempted to eat a big piece of chocolate cake and ice cream when you’re unhappy, but that’s the worst thing you could do for yourself. It’s a temporary fix – and when you finish eating, you may feel miserable from all the sugar and fat.

Eat a balanced diet full of healthy fruits and vegetables to realize results that will make you happy and feeling much more satisfied.

When you’re unhappy, those around you feel those emotions – even those people you don’t know. But, when you’re positive and compassionate you not only make your own life better, but the world becomes a better and more welcoming place.