Emotional Health

Being healthy is not just about whether your body is strong, and your muscles are fit. Mental and emotional health are also important.

And, in the same way you can identify habits and traits that make someone physically healthy, there are characteristics that tell you someone is emotionally healthy, as well.

What does an emotionally healthy person do? What are their traits? Here are a few:

They are Self-Aware

Self-awareness is crucial for emotional health because this is what allows you to understand and recognize your own emotions, what is causing them, and how they are affecting your decisions and behavior. When you lack self-awareness, you cannot accurately monitor your feelings and they can take control of your choices quickly. Continue reading

Do you sometimes feel like your emotions are out of control? Do you lose your temper quickly or often regret how you treated someone else?

Many indicators can tell you that your physical health is suffering, but how do you know when your emotional health is low? What are the warning signs to watch for when it comes to your emotional wellness?

While there are many, here are six crucial signs of poor emotional health to keep watch for:

Isolation or Social Withdrawal

If you find that, lately, you would much rather be by yourself than deal with other people, your emotional health may be suffering. Those who are struggling with their own emotional health issues often have a challenging time being around people whose emotions are intense or who are struggling through a hard time. Continue reading