Flawless. Faultless. Exemplary. Exquisite. These are just a few words that describe a state of perfection, which many believe is a necessity.

Perfectionism is a personality trait characterized by setting unrealistically high standards and expectations that lead to being hypercritical of many things, including themselves and other people. Many of us also believe that perfection is a necessary trait if greatness is to ever be achieved.

Attaining perfection is not necessarily bad. It is when the aim toward perfection causes serious mental health issues that it becomes a problem. When it creates unhealthy patterns of self-loathing, guilt, hypercriticism, and similar negative attributes it turns into a toxic trait that needs addressing. Continue reading

Have you ever been in situations where you’ve completed a task to the best of your ability, yet there’s that nagging persistent feeling deep inside making you feel as though it still wasn’t good enough? Do you keep feeling as though it wasn’t absolutely perfect? If so, it can cause you to question your ability and wonder what else you could have done to make it better.

Perfectionism can cause extreme worry and fear about not getting it done right. If you worry about not attaining perfection, you need to stop! Attaining to be perfect all the time can cause you nothing but misery.

Don’t Forget That You Are Human

Do you have to be reminded that you are only human and that all humans make mistakes? It is absolutely impossible to be perfect all the time, so stop trying to be. You must be willing to understand the unavoidable inadequacies of yourself and others. Continue reading