Hey there! You are welcome to browse this site and you can freely access well over 600 700 800 900 1000 articles and reports from the menu above and the ones on the sidebars. There you will find topics listed on areas that will help us become healthier & better on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual.

Why, you may ask, is there so much information published here on what it takes to be truly human? Well, my friend, there is so much more to being human than we have been told and led to believe.

Yes, some of this comes naturally to some of us to some extent, but judging by the state of the world, much information is lacking when it comes to being a fully functional, self-realized human being. Therefore, I have published this site to help people develop into the truly human, gifted individuals to not only better our lives, but also to build higher functioning societal structures – from families to world governments – as well.

In a nutshell, this site functions as a guide for how to be the true & authentic human being you are meant to be and how to access your innate abilities to make this world a better place. The information presented here will hopefully help you get a grip on your life and to gain some sense of sanity in these crazy times. This is the stuff that is not taught in school nowadays, and most parents did not teach us because they were not taught, either.

This is the stuff that SHOULD be taught in schools instead of the indoctrination that’s been going for years! I often wonder why this is not formally taught in public schools and can only ascertain that “they” (the powers who think they control the world) don’t want us to become the sovereign and powerful beings we truly are. They wouldn’t be able to control us (and steal from us) very well, would they?

You know, they say if you want to learn something, teach it. The articles that I am publishing here are on topics that I, myself, need to learn, re-learn, and be reminded of on a regular basis in order to ensure my own ever improving health and well-being on all levels. Just because we may have studied and think we know these things, and have worked on ourselves in the past (and then got the proverbial t-shirt), doesn’t necessarily mean it sticks with us forever throughout our lives – due to a variety of reasons.

Self development is an ongoing process. Especially, since living in this world with all of its worldly, mind-numbing distractions give us amnesia as to who we truly are and what we are doing here. It is for us to remember who & what we truly are and to be it to live it! 


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So, thanks again for being here and I hope you can find this site useful for you to improve your life and, if need be, to help you cope better in these very stressful times we’re currently experiencing.