Getting Back to Nature

Chances are you heard it when you were a child, someone telling you to get up and go outside for a while. Whether from a well-meaning parent or a teacher, you probably connected that idea with exercise and the health benefits of spending time out of the house.

But did you know that there are many mental and emotional health benefits in getting back to nature?

1 – You Feel Less Stress

Spending time in green spaces, whatever the case, has been shown to lower your blood pressure. Your heart beats slower, and even your respirations become more even and natural. In short, your body relaxes, and the effects of stress fades away.

The good news? The effects are long-lasting. Studies have shown that spending time in a forest on the weekend helps lower stress levels for up to 7 days following the event. Continue reading

There’s something about trees and grass, flowers and nature in all its glory that satisfies some deep part of our soul. Even NASA has done studies about how to introduce nature into space so that astronauts can stay calm and focused when spending long periods in isolation.

What is it about green spaces that are so irresistible?

1 – Like Plants, We Require the Sun!

Without sunlight, we suffer. Our brain chemistry requires sunlight to make two very important brain chemicals: melatonin which helps us to sleep better, and serotonin which is what enables us to feel happy and content. Without either of these, your life will be out of balance. Continue reading