Wisdom can be thought of as having the experience, the knowledge, and the ability to make good judgments. While it does take time to obtain wisdom, there are some tips that can help you get there faster. Don’t rush it, though. Sometimes, time is exactly what is needed and recognizing that will help you put in that time.

1 – Learn from the Experience of Others

Why reinvent the wheel? That statement gets used quite often, but it’s true. If somebody has already gone through what you are trying to, use what they have done. Read about people who have been successful in what you are trying to learn or attempt.

2 – Get a Mentor or Coach

A good mentor will streamline your learning and help you create a path towards success. This will be much quicker than trying to do everything on your own. A good mentor will cost a fair amount of money, but you should be able to see a return on your investment quickly. Ask a lot of questions and get references. Make sure they are held accountable for actionable items that can be measured.

3 – Become an Avid Reader

Reading will not make up for getting experience, but it will help you to learn more about what you are trying to accomplish. You want to constantly be learning new skills and ideas. The more you know, the more you can apply to your life. This will help you gain the necessary wisdom you seek.

4 – Don’t Concentrate on Money

People who are obsessed with making money will jump around from job-to-job or opportunity-to-opportunity. On the other hand, people who build a foundation will have the necessary wisdom to earn decent money naturally. These are the same people that look to create value. When that happens, the money follows quickly.

5 – Learn How to Listen

You don’t know everything, and you will be surprised at what other people know. You cannot tell simply by looking at someone what they are capable of. Learn to listen to these people and find out what they know. Listening is about becoming interested in them and asking the right questions. They will appreciate the recognition, and you will gain insight from them.

6 – Be Willing to Challenge

People too readily accept whatever they are told or what they read. This is especially true with the internet. The trouble is, most of what exists on the internet is not verified. Anyone can create a blog and seem like an authority, when in fact, they are just spewing out opinions. When you challenge assumptions, you will increase your ability to be discerning and not get caught publishing unverified information. This makes you the authority.

7 – Learn to Filter Out the Unimportant

Small details will only get in the way of your success. Try to figure out what details are important and try to downplay the ones that aren’t. Others are likely to make a big deal of small items. Don’t let this get to you. It’s likely you have heard the term choose your battles. You don’t want to be fighting over every little issue that comes your way. Choose the right ones.


Actionable Steps





Consider joining a club that teaches subjects you are interested in learning. Udemy.com, SafariBooksOnline.com, and Lynda.com offer courses for a fee. These are usually high-quality training that can help you keep up to date with your skills or new skills.


Take on an internship on something you have wanted to learn and gain experience with. Don’t concentrate on what you may get paid. This is something that you can do as a secondary effort, or you can go full time if needed. Learn as much as you can and ask a lot of questions.



Choose one classic philosopher and study their works. Find a group of people that you can discuss it with.