A lot can be said about the correlation between health and your mindset, while there are plenty of detractors who say different, there are plenty of studies that show it to be true.

A positive mind-set can do a lot for success in your career and in your home life, so why would the same not be true for your health?

Positive Thinking

WebMD has a wonderful article by the Mayo Clinic that goes in depth discussing the benefits of positive thinking to your health. It isn’t just your mental health that improves either.

Notwithstanding the psychological benefits, positive thinking offers an increased life span, reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases, improved coping skills in times of stress, higher immunity levels, and lower rates of depression.

If you’re unsure whether you are guilty of negative self-talk, just consider your inner dialogue.

  • For instance, do you focus on weaknesses? Or do you consider them to be opportunities?
  • Do you allow yourself to slip into a mood, or do you shake it off when you realize what is happening?
  • Do you find time to exercise, or make excuses why you can’t?
  • Is your diet made up of healthy and nutritious foods, or do you rely on microwave meals for convenience?
  • All of those thoughts can feed into a negative mindset, or a positive mindset.

If you find yourself leaning towards more negative thoughts, then just steer yourself away from them. It’s an opportunity for growth.

Growth Mind Set

Health Psychology published a study, which involved two different groups being given the same milkshake, with each group being told it contained a different calorific quantity. The drink was 380 calories, but Group A believed it contained just 140 calories, and Group B that it was 620 calories.

The idea was to measure the ghrelin levels of each group after they had consumed the shakes. Ghrelin is a hormone that stimulates the brain to increase your appetite.

The group who believed their drink was 620 calories saw their ghrelin level decline sharply. Their mind set was what made that happen, not what they had consumed, as both groups consumed the same beverage.

Setting your mind towards your health and success is a sure way to truly succeed.

Plan to Succeed

Clinical Psychology Review studies have shown that optimistic people tend to be healthier on average.

Every day we are faced with decisions, consequently it is the choices that we make that will ultimately affect our health. By applying positive thinking and a growth mind set, you are putting yourself in the best position to succeed, since the expectation that you have set for yourself is success.

How? There are a number of strategies that you can employ to set yourself up to win.

Write It Down

It might sound trivial, but keeping a journal to record your goals is an excellent way to push yourself to achieve on a daily basis. Psychology Health even did a study on the effects.

Whether you decide to make 3 goals every day, or leave yourself, a motivational note – do it!

Simply making a note of everything you will do in a day just so that you can cross it off as you go offers such a fantastic feeling it spurs you on to accomplish even more the following day.

Be Brave

If you want to do something, go out, and do it; don’t allow the fear of failure to prevent you from spreading your wings to succeed.


You might think you don’t have time to read up on setting your mind to your health, but you probably find ways to waste your time by checking up on your social media accounts throughout the day. Instead, pick up a book that will assist you in improving yourself.