People who possess a great sense of humor are nice to be around. They can make people laugh effortlessly, and when you are around them, the atmosphere is light. You can feel yourself smiling when in their company. You know they are funny and can make many situations humorous, however, are they also intelligent? You probably haven’t given any thought as to whether they are intelligent or not.

Is there a scientific or natural explanation as to whether humor and intelligence are linked?

Here’s what we’ve found:

Studies Suggest Humor is a Sign of Intelligence

There are various studies that support the link between humor and intelligence. In one research study, scientists conducted an evaluation between comedians and non-comedians in order to test their intelligence. The results suggested that they can appear more verbally intelligent, compared to those who lack self-confidence.

Funny People Have Higher IQs

Research shows it takes both cognitive and emotional skills to come up with a funny line or to process a joke. A good sense of humor contributes to a person’s verbal and non-verbal intelligence, as well as their emotional intelligence. A study found that male comedians have an average IQ of 138, while female comedians have an average IQ of 126. In comparison, the average IQ ranges from 90 to 110.

Laughter is the Best Medicine for Brain Stimulation

Humor can help us cope with stressful events, that can also cause memory deficiency. If we are surrounded by fun and laughter, our stress levels are reduced. Studies have shown that laughter is the best medicine, because our brain releases ‘happy hormones.’ Dopamine for example, stimulates neural connections, helping our thinking become more flexible and creative. It helps keep our mind stress-free and sharp.

Humor Can Help You Reach Success In Life

It cannot be a blanket statement that all funny people are successful in the battles of life. However, the majority of them can prove that having a sense of humor does help lead to success. If you have a high sense of humor, you are more likely to have high self-esteem, or at least be able to build your self-confidence up more easily.

You can also attract people’s attention when you need to in business or life in general, which means you can attract the right people for your own success goals. This attraction and your own attitude can greatly influence other people.

Humor is an Excellent Tool for Improving Memory

Humor helps improve our memory, which is why it has been recognized as a good learning tool. When topics or lessons are taught with the use of humor, it becomes easier to learn and grasp the information. You are easily engaged and more interested when everything is fun. It helps you remember the details because you enjoyed the moment during the learning session.

Humor Helps You Think Creatively

Studies have established that creative thinking is linked with humor. Humor is even encouraged to be practiced in workplaces because it promotes creativity and liveliness among employees. Over the years, humor has created positive effects on new ideas, which can lead to favorable company output. Funny people are good communicators and leaders, which helps create a positive working environment and increase productivity.

Final Thoughts

Humor and intelligence indeed have a link. Most people with a good sense of humor are naturally smart. These people have unique ways of showing their intelligence in different situations, and they can easily cope with the situation due to their positive attitude.

While humor can be a sign of intelligence, it doesn’t mean that you are not intelligent if you can’t crack a joke, or totally ‘get’ one. Humor is just one of the many desirable qualities of above-average individuals. Your intelligence may lie in other aspects, such as self-control, inquisitiveness, imagination, in-depth memory, self-worth, and empathy.

If you don’t think you are funny, don’t despair, humor can be learned or acquired through practice.