Your Job, Your Health and Your Success in LifeEveryone today needs to have some type of job in order to survive. A job provides you with the means to support your family and to keep them in good health.

What happens, though, when you begin to hate your job? Do you have other options or is your job worth risking your health and possibly your life over?

It is a sad fact today that thousands of people go to a job that they hate each day. The only reason they go is because their job pays the bills. They do not enjoy what they do and each mile to work is filled with dread and utter dislike.

If the above scenario applies to you it is time to start thinking of ways you can make changes in your life. We all understand that your job pays the bills and supports your family, but what will happen if you aren’t around anymore?

The suicide rates for middle aged men are extremely high. This is the age when many men have worked in the same job for possibly 20 years or more. The routine of going to the same job each day has become boring. During the drive to work these men are not concentrating and often run red lights or come close to being involved in an accident.

The way you feel about your job is going to have a huge impact on your family. Your spouse and your children, if they are still at home, will see that you are not happy at all. You probably spend all day on a Sunday dreading the thought of going to work the next day. You can’t enjoy your evenings or your weekends any more.

So what choices do you have?

Your first step should be to see your doctor to see if you are suffering from depression. If possible see if you can take some time off work or are you in the position to retire or just take a year or two off?

By removing yourself from your job you will start to feel happier again. This may take a few weeks but it will happen. In addition all of your family members will begin to feel happier and the tension in your home will disappear.

Over a period of time you will notice that you feel much better and are looking forward to living a happy and successful life again.