Live More Slowly

It’s amazing how much happier people who move more slowly really are. When we rush from one task to another, we measure our days by how much we get done, not how much we’ve lived.

Slowing down the pace helps us appreciate the small things in life that make our lives richer and truly worth living.

Cultivate Loving Relationships

Impatient people aren’t any fun to be around. Patient people, on the other hand, tend to accept people just as they are and enjoy their uniqueness.

Patient people offer their support and unconditional love to those in their lives, which brings joy to all.

Enjoy the Anticipation

If we let ourselves, we can enjoy the anticipation that goes along with something exciting that has to be delayed. Think about the enjoyment you can get out of planning out and dreaming about that romantic vacation you’ve always wanted to take. That part of the experience can be almost better than the actual event.

Dream Bigger

When we are patient, we can dream bigger because we are okay with waiting for that dream to turn into our reality. Waiting and working towards the goal becomes part of the process of manifesting the dream, not something to hate or rush.

Make Better Decisions

Living life in a constant state of moving and doing keeps our brains and nervous systems from ever resting, coming back to a state of balance. This means that the decisions we make are from that flight or fight mentality. Rash decisions that aren’t thought through cause negative ripples in our worlds that can keep us from being happy and at peace.

Have Better Health

Less stress means more energy, lower blood pressure and a healthier heart. It also makes us less likely to take up bad habits, such as drinking too much, that negatively impact our health. Without our health, it’s difficult to be happy.

Worry Less

When we aren’t attached to the outcome of an event, it makes it easier to just go with the flow and let things naturally evolve. Much of the time, things will happen when the time is right whether we worry about it or not. Less worry equals more happiness.

Develop Gratitude

Living patiently helps us better able to see the big picture and where we fit into the grand scheme. We are more content with where we are and where we are going. This attitude instinctively cultivates a deep sense of gratitude for what we have, what we have achieved and who we are.