We’ve all grown up being told that patience is a virtue, often by our stressed-out, frazzled parents. But why is it a virtue? Did anyone ever explain that to you?

Patience gets a bad rap in our busy, modern world. We are told we have to do more and be more to get ahead.

We move through tasks, and indeed, through life, as quickly as possible, just to get to the next task on the list.

We want everything immediately–we are used to having information at our fingertips and don’t want to wait for anything.

But, what are we missing out on by requiring instant gratification and living as full of a life as possible so we look busy, and therefore, important?

Patience Helps Us Take Care of Ourselves

When we practice patience with ourselves, we allow ourselves the space and time needed to learn and grow into our potential without beating ourselves up. We understand we don’t have to rush everywhere all the time–we eat when we are hungry, rest when we are tired, and take care of our emotions instead of rushing through life.

Patience Helps Us Make Better Decisions

When we take the time needed to ponder our options, we make better, more informed decisions. We don’t just jump to conclusion and accept whatever option presents itself first. We consider the big picture instead of what will make us happy immediately.

Patience Allows Us to Tap Into Our Intuition

When we take the time to tap into the natural, innate wisdom we have within us, we can more easily receive the messages it is there to communicate to us. This makes for a more joyful, peaceful life…one with fewer regrets.

Patience Helps Us Build Stronger Relationships

When we practice patience with those in our lives, we demonstrate our love and appreciation for them. When we let impatience rule our lives, we are irritable and hard to please, which leaves others feeling hurt and taken advantage of. Practicing patience helps us nurture our relationships with family, friends, coworkers, children and romantic partners.

Patience Helps Us Appreciate the Journey

When we slow down to the speed of life, we enjoy things more. It’s hard to enjoy the small, meaningful things in life when you are always rushing by them. Taking the time to enjoy each day and what it has to offer makes the journey to our destination–whatever that might be–more joyful and peaceful.