Do you remember how when you were a child, you depended so much on your parents? In most instances, one or both parents were there to watch out for you. Parents told you what to do when you finally learned to comprehend.

Parents taught you what was bad, so you could avoid it. Most of the time, you were probably an obedient child who did as your parents told you, in order to avoid disappointing them or to avoid reprimand or punishment.

Our subconscious mind works the same way. It works like a parent who wants to see us happy and succeed, thinking that the only way to do so is to keep us in our safe comfort zones.

With the subconscious mind at work, it’s a lot like having a parent following us around telling us what to do, so we do things as we always have. The subconscious mind has good intentions about doing all of these. It assumes that how we were programmed as a young person was the best (or only) way, and keeping us tied to our comfort zones will make life more secure, safe, and easy.

Understanding Your Subconscious Mind

To better understand how the mind works, think of it in layers. The part of the mind you are aware of is the “conscious mind,” and it’s your main command center. However, we typically know very little about our subconscious mind’s existence and the role that it plays in our lives.

Do you ever find yourself with a goal, yet fail to achieve it despite all your efforts? You might be surprised to know that the real influence behind that failure was your subconscious mind. Maybe how you subconsciously thought what was best for you, based on your long-held beliefs, wasn’t in tune with achieving that goal. Your subconscious mind was hard at work to keep you on the same old path.

When you seek to make a big change in life, it feels hard. It can feel so uncomfortable that you want to give it up. That’s your subconscious mind at work again. The subconscious mind holds a record of all you’ve ever experienced and all you’ve ever done in your life. It finds this change to be a threat as it is incompatible with your patterns, so it will work hard to keep it off your system.

Without persistence and willingness to struggle in the midst of a change, you will give up. However, change is possible, and if you can convince your subconscious, it will become your firmest ally in bringing the change about.

If you really want that change so badly, you need to keep at it until your subconscious mind learns to accept and make it easier for you. It works that way not only for the big changes you want to make in your life but, more importantly, for every small action you take.

Compounded over time, your subconscious mind has a huge impact, but it is constantly overlooked in how it manages to keep your life easy. Understanding this is only the first step to aligning your subconscious mind with your true intentions.

Why Living Your Life with Intention is the Key to Success

We often hear many successful people say that the path to success is filled with failures. Roadblocks, failures, and disappointments are all proof that to be successful, we need persistence to move from point A to point B.

Change has to happen in order for us to succeed, and that may mean releasing outgrown, old belief systems that no longer serve us, breaking up with our comfort zones, and living our lives with intention as opposed to being on autopilot.

Do understand that the subconscious mind is not an enemy to success. In fact, it is your best weapon for achieving anything you want in life. From getting better to becoming the best version of yourself, to being successful; you will simply need to know how to work with your subconscious mind in order for it to help you get there.

Tap into your subconscious mind’s power by aligning it with your conscious goals, and you will unlock massive potential for success.