You cannot have a stable romantic relationship if you don’t trust yourself. Any partner you hook up with will lose confidence in you over time. You will constantly be doubting yourself. You won’t be able to make decisions, and quite frankly, you may not perform very well when it comes to the bedroom.

Romantic relationships have a foundation of trust. While you may believe you trust your partner, it’s difficult to continue if you don’t trust yourself. You will likely put yourself down constantly in front of your partner. He or she may sympathize with you in the beginning, but the behavior will get old after a while.

Contrast this behavior with trusting yourself. You will have confidence that will exude to your partner. Most people find this attribute attractive and will bring about a more responsive partner. You will have your needs met both emotionally and physically. That is sure to make you happier in your relationship.

If you don’t trust yourself, it’s not likely you will share your feelings with your partner. Relationships build around communication as well as trust. If you cannot communicate to your partner, this will break you apart.

A lack of trust in yourself will not lead you to a positive attitude. You will project negativity to anyone you associate with, including your partner. Try to put yourself in his or her shoes. Would you want to hang around someone who is constantly negative? It’s quite likely you won’t. Over time, you will look for ways to avoid that person. The same will happen to you. People will avoid you if you are negative.

It is okay to share your feelings with your partner, even if those feelings are occasionally negative. It’s almost impossible to be positive 100% of your life. You just have to strike a balance and work towards being more positive than negative. That cannot happen if you doubt yourself and don’t have an internal trust.

It takes work, but you will have a better chance at having a great romantic relationship if you trust yourself than if you don’t. Your partner will be excited to be with you and will want to spend time with you. Your partner will be happier which will make you happier. You have the choice of remaining closed and lacking trust in yourself or opening up and gaining the confidence to have the best possible relationship.