Your Fate is In Your Hands and Not the Oval Office

Getting excited over the coming election is very normal. The reason people support one candidate over another is usually based on whom they prefer and identify with and how the future leader can help them.

When Trump says that he can ‘Make America great again!’ people love it. It means that their lives are going to get better. They’re going to prosper. Jobs are going to come back and everyone is going to be happy.

When Hillary says that she’s going to tax the rich, once again people are happy because there’s going to be a more equal distribution of wealth. They’re going to prosper. Jobs are going to come back and everyone is going to be happy.

Really? Do you really believe that either of them is going to impact your life so greatly that they’re the answer to all your problems?

They’re both rich and hardly face the problems that the common man faces. Do you think that they’ll solve all your problems overnight? Will they even solve anything or just cause more problems?

The truth of the matter is this. You and only you are in control of your own life. You will progress far more rapidly in life if you realize that you are the captain of your own ship.

Vote wisely but don’t put all your faith in the candidate you elect. Like what Oprah Winfrey said, “We are each responsible for our own life – no other person is or even can be.”

Once you understand this truth, you’ll realize that it doesn’t matter whether Hillary wins despite deleting thousands of emails or whether Trump wins despite not paying taxes. You’ll stop stressing out over the election and do what you can to help yourself.

You will win because you have faith in yourself and the determination to succeed through hard work and continuous improvement. Let’s look at a few ways your life can improve once you change your focus.

Build Your Skills

Focus on developing your own skills so that you’ll be able to get a job and provide for yourself and your family. You might be able to start your own business or have skills that make you in demand.

You won’t need to worry about jobs shifting out to China or other places. With the right skills, you’ll always be able to make a living.

You Can Migrate

There are thousands of people who migrate to other countries and live very rewarding lives. Many online entrepreneurs move to Thailand, Spain or other exotic place and live exciting lives.

You can do that too if you plan for it.

Strive for Better Health

It doesn’t matter if Trump or Hillary becomes president. If a person is obese, they’ll still stay the same. The only difference is that they might end up getting diabetes too.

Focus on your health and vote for the healthcare policies that you prefer but always remember that you should do your best to eat clean and be active. The onus is on you to be responsible for your own health.

Too many people drop the ball here and then worry when their health has deteriorated to a point where they are in constant pain or discomfort. Then they stress out about medical bills and how politicians just aren’t helping enough.

Education Comes with Effort

Always be learning and if you have children, make sure they get a good education. It takes work and many young people these days are so consumed by trivial stuff that they neglect their studies.

Help them understand the importance of being well-educated and all-rounded individuals. With the right credentials and paper qualifications, your life will be a lot smoother… and neither Hillary nor Trump can give you those qualifications.

There Will Always Be Successful People

It doesn’t matter if Bush or Obama or Trump or Hillary is in power. There will always be people who succeed and prosper through their own sweat, sacrifice and effort regardless of who is in the Oval Office. These are the people who do not stress out over politicians and what may happen.

They quietly do what they can with what they have, where they are… and they keep moving forward. Trump and Hillary will not be in power forever. However, what you do today and the day after and the day after that will determine how good a life you lead in future. This is too important to place in any politician’s hand.

Change your mindset. Lose the stress and be in control of your own life and destiny.

“If you cease to be responsible for yourself, your fate will also change hands.” – Tasneem Hameed