Not sure if you are an introvert or just shy? The two can go hand in hand, but they don’t have to. Many introverted people aren’t shy – they just enjoy people in smaller doses than extroverts. See how many of these fit your personality. If most of them do, you are probably an introvert.

1 – Introverts revel in time alone – they need lots of time to think and dream. They enjoy creative and solitary pursuits.

2 – Introverts are social – but don’t need to be around people a lot. While other personality types crave the excitement of a party, introverts would rather be talking one-on-one with someone who has interesting ideas.

3 – Introverts tend to listen more than they talk – until someone brings up their favorite topic. Then they will ask questions and excitedly discuss the intricacies of the issue. Until then, they are happy to quietly listen and learn about those around them.

4 – Introverts are keen observers – since they are often quietly listening, they observe a great deal about the people and environment around them. They enjoy this. While their friend is shopping in the mall, they will be people-watching… that is if their friend can drag them to the mall.

5 – Introverts are often very perceptive or intuitive – it may partially be all the observing they do, but they tend to be insightful and good judges of character. They may seem to know the deeper motivations behind other people’s actions or words than others may be comfortable with.

6 – Introverts are excited by ideas – this is why they perk up at the mention of a new interest of theirs. They want to dig deep into the inner workings of everything that fascinates them.

7 – Introverts have rich inner lives – with all the thinking going on, this isn’t surprising. They are more than content to ponder how and why something works, just for the mental stimulation.

8 – Introverts need their own quiet space – yeah, like a man cave. They need a place they can call their own where they can just be and think. They are most contented in that space.

9 – Introverts have a couple of close friends – rather than a lot of acquaintances. They are looking for deep, enriching relationships with people they trust, rather than good-time friends.

10 – Introverts can get cranky if they spend too much time with people – so if their friend does get them to go to the mall, they shouldn’t expect it to be an all-day adventure. Being around people, especially a lot of people for an extended period is draining for introverts.