You’ve found your “why” or purpose in life. First of all, congratulations. That’s a huge step and you’re already much further ahead on your path to a happy and fulfilled life than the majority of your peers.

Of course now the question is, “What do you do next?”. You know what your passion and purpose is, but how do you get to a point where that’s how you’re living your life?

Start by taking stock of where you’re at now. What do you like about your current life and how you’re earning a living? What don’t you like about it?

Examine how each part of your life aligns with your purpose. I’m sure there are some parts of what you’re already doing that work well with your big “why”.

You’re trying to get an idea of the big picture. Look at where you’re at and how you want your life to eventually be. Some parts will work well with this future version of yourself. Others will not. Once you know that you can start to make changes and move forward on your journey towards a purpose driven life.

Please note that I’m calling it a journey. That’s important. You can’t expect to wake up the day after you’ve found your purpose or your calling and expect everything to be changed. You’re going to be stuck in the same job with the same chores and responsibilities as before. The difference is that you now have a clear vision of where you’d like to be.

The next step is to start plotting a course. Once you know where you’re at now (your starting point) and where you want to be (your end point), this becomes easier. It’s just a matter of thinking about what you can do to move you in the right direction and start living more and more of your life with purpose.

Remember this is a journey. You don’t have to get there in a day or a month. Make small changes for the better and stick with those. Even if it takes you a while before your entire life is purpose driven, you’re making positive changes along the way that will improve your life and that of those around you.

Small steps and small acts can have a huge impact over time. Be kind, do good and serve those around you by sharing your passion and devoting as much of your life and time as you can to your “why”.