Perhaps you have always been told you were good at business. You sold the most during fundraising and became a top seller in your company. However, selling for you is not what it used to be. You are still good at it, and you beat everyone else, but it’s no longer a challenge, etc.

Even if you are not into sales, whatever your pursuit is, it has the potential to become mundane given enough time. Could it be that your purpose has run its course?

It’s important not to mistake your purpose with your career. You can use a career to satisfy your purpose.

But, your purpose should be much greater than a career. You can change careers any time you feel like it. Your purpose is something that is defined deep within you.

If someone is an artist and feels that is their purpose, he or she may choose that as a career. If he or she doesn’t keep it fresh, the career will get stale. However, it’s not clear whether that person would give up art. That is something that resonates deep within that person.

If you decide to tie your purpose with your career, how do you keep it fresh? The first step is to learn continually. Take advantage of any training your company offers. Try to step outside the comfort zone when applying your craft. Learning at work may not always be possible since you have deadlines and client preferences, etc. However, it should not stop you from stepping up your game during your leisure time. You could also take on side work to use any new skills.

Another way to keep it fresh is to teach others your craft. You will give people the ability to carry on in the field, and you learn from what your students produce. You observe their progress, and when they excel you gain a new sense of purpose. Teachers love it when their students show improvement because of what they have taught.

If you find your job has lost its zest, it may be time to move on, even to a new career. It could be you never found your purpose and staying in your current situation will keep you from finding it. If you try something different, it could lead you on a path towards your real purpose. You won’t know if you keep chugging along with your previous path.

Starting a new career or venture has challenges associated with it. For starters, you may not make as much money (initially), and you are the rookie of the group. It will, however, give you more options towards finding who you are.