Contrary to popular belief, self-discipline doesn’t necessary mean self-denial. When you think of self-discipline, what comes to your mind? If your answer is an uptight way of living that translates into less fun and lack of happiness then you might be missing the point.

Recent reliable research has proved that self-discipline leads to tons of happiness and life satisfaction. A great number of research experts have concluded that indeed self-discipline will ultimately lead to long-lasting happiness.

Why are self-disciplined people happier?

Achievement of Goals

Self-disciplined people are more likely to achieve the goals they have set. It is quite obvious that the more goals you achieve, the happier you become. Many times individuals set goals and are unable to achieve them because they lack the necessary will power. This leads to self-pity and they think that the goals were too big for them.

The truth is that there is no goal too big for the self-disciplined individual. Amazingly, having a clearly defined vision will lead to self-discipline and greater joy.

Affects Mood Positively

The human mind is simply fascinating. Another research has shown that self-control improves your mood. From the research, those who had a high degree of self-control were less likely to experience bad moods. People with high self-control will always do things that bring them happiness.

They will therefore avoid temptations and cravings that might lead them down a slippery slope. These people are therefore always happy about their decisions. Submitting to cravings may give you a temporary high but it is simply a miserable pill that is sugar-coated.

Promotes Life Satisfaction

Every person wants to reach that utopia where they are completely content. Unfortunately, for the masses this is simply an achievable dream because there is always something extra to do. There is always some weight to lose, debt to pay, friends to make and the list goes on.

Self-disciplined people understand that they are in control of their own happiness so they don’t just let things happen. It is not just about deprivation but also about control. Most people who opted for temporary satisfaction are now faced with the consequences that lead to frustration and unhappiness.

Having control over your life will mean that you will live a healthy lifestyle and you will not make any decisions that may compromise your tomorrow.

Happiness has never been about money but the ability to manage your life and to be responsible for your actions. High self-discipline does make you happy.