What happens if we stop looking inward?

Without personal spirituality, we lose purpose. Our focus disappears, and life becomes dull and meaningless. This is because we need the connectedness that comes from holding a belief in something intangible. There is comfort found in the spiritual journey, and as you explore the mysteries of how you’re connected with the universe, you find awe.

The benefits go further than this though. Personal spirituality holds more profound importance in how it affects our health and well-being.

Personal Spirituality is Good for Your Overall Health

Studies have shown that the meditative journey reduces stress. But did you also know it improves concentration, boosts your immune system, and even affects how you process pain? In addition, the very act of meditation will actually increase brain density, which helps to protect you from dementia later in life.

Personal Spirituality is Soothing

When you believe in something outside of yourself, or even when you believe in the power of yourself, you find an inner calm and tranquility, you might be missing otherwise. This is comforting, especially when coupled with the idea that there is something bigger and more powerful than you who has your best interests at heart.

Personal Spirituality Leads to Community

Those who practice personal spirituality in communion with others, such as by going to a church or mosque, or in practicing in a meditation or yoga group, grow connections with others. They experience less isolation and develop deeper bonds with those around them and the divine.

Personal Spirituality Gets You Through the Hard Stuff

This is where the rubber truly meets the road. When difficult times come, having personal spirituality is what enables you to find meaning in hardships. This also means those with even a simple belief system are better able to find purpose and push onwards, even when things look grim.

Personal Spirituality Influences the Choices We Make

Many times, there are rules regarding behavior when you practice personal spirituality designed to keep you from doing overt harm to your body. For example, having regulations about eating or drinking lead to a better quality of life. We’re less likely to commit crimes or drink to excess. In treating ourselves better, we experience less stress and feel better physically and mentally.

Personal Spirituality Positively Impacts Our Relationships

In just about every spiritual practice, you are encouraged to treat people with kindness. This includes letting go of negativity and practicing forgiveness.

Personal Spirituality Helps You Live Longer

While the jury is still out on how this works, it’s been proven that people with a robust spiritual life – regardless of what they believe – live up to 18% longer than those who do not practice personal spirituality.

With all these benefits, you can clearly see why personal spirituality is so important. This is why it’s so crucial for any journey toward self-improvement to include a component of belief that encourages contemplation. There’s just too much you miss out on without it.