We live in the information age. We get bombarded with more news, data, emails, texts, and various other forms of information and media than ever before. As a result, we have to get better at sorting and making sense of all this data. The process we use to do that is critical thinking. It’s no surprise then that this particular intellectual skill is becoming more important than ever in all aspects of our lives.

Without the ability to analyze and process all the information we’re exposed to at home, at work, through media, and even when it comes to leisure time, it’s easy to get lost in it. Heck, some days it becomes challenging to choose what to watch on Netflix or TV with hundreds and hundreds of options available to us.

That is why it is so important to develop those critical thinking skills. Not only will it help us sort through mountains of media and information, but it also shapes our worldview, and helps us make sense of what’s going on around.

When it comes to our professional lives, critical thinking is important because it helps us make good decisions. The further you move up, the more responsibility you have, and as you start to take on more of a leadership role, you’ll be required to use those critical thinking skills. It’s often one of the top skills bosses look for in potential employees.

Critical thinking also helps you look at your behavior and that of others in an objective and logical way. That allows you to understand better the underlying motivations and enables you to correct your responses as needed. It’s easy to let emotions take over and guide our actions. Critical thinking allows us to create balance and reign in those feelings when they are not appropriate.

Last but not least, let’s talk about critical thinking as a problem-solving tool. Whenever you face an important or complex problem, your first step should be to employ your critical thinking skills. It allows you to get the full picture, weigh your options, choose the best solution, and then put together a plan for putting it into action.

Critical thinking is an intellectual skill that’s not always easy to cultivate. But it’s something that will serve you well and help you get ahead in your professional and personal life. It will help you make smarter decisions in both, move up the career ladder and make sound financial decisions.