Did you know that practicing yoga can help you on the road to finding the real you? It’s true. Because yoga gets you so in touch with your inner self you will learn every day more and more about who you are.

Yoga is a constant journey to finding out who you really are – you’ll be surprised at just how wonderful you are!

Sometimes we may not be really sure of who we are, but through mistakes, poor decisions, etc. we find who we really aren’t. Knowing that can lead you in the right direction of find out exactly who you are.

For some reason a lot of us have some trouble getting out of what society wants us to be and focusing on what it is we really are and what we want to be.

We worry about what others will think of us if we step out of the box and do things just a little differently than what people think we should do.

We watch as people judge others. You’ve seen it too – that girl with all the tattoos and piercings – everyone feels the need to think that is wrong in some way. The guy who wears his hair longer than most men – he’s being judged by those who think everyone should have hair cut close.

Who decided exactly what is right and what is wrong and who are these people who think it’s their job to judge you or anyone else?

We worry about how we are perceived by others. Are we too heavy? Too thin? Too loud? Too quiet? Too (fill in the blank)? It’s nobody’s business who you are or what you stand for – it’s only your business. And that gives you the freedom to be whoever you want to be.

Quit worrying about what other people think about you. Be the best you that you are supposed to be – the only you that will make you the happiest. But yes, first you have to figure out who that you really is! And that’s not always easy to do.

So, how do you get rid of those feelings of worrying about what others think of you? How do you move past the people-pleasing crap that a lot of us try to do every day? How do you decide that it’s your time to be happy and healthy and to hell with what everyone else thinks you should be? It’s not as hard as you might think. But it also isn’t as easy as you might think.

You will have to go through all of the bad stuff to get to the great stuff. You will have to be unsure, make mistakes, be disappointed, be embarrassed (sometimes publicly), and experience failure and so many other things that will go wrong in your life. But, once you go through all of that you will come out better on the other side.

You will be a stronger person because of all of that. You will eventually not worry about what others think because you can compare that to the time you were publicly humiliated and think, “Well, this isn’t so bad after all.” None of it seems so bad when you think about the worst stuff that you’ve already been through.

No matter who you are you have to make all of those mistakes, go through all of that stuff in order to safely know exactly who you are not. That’s the best part though because every time you do one thing that shows you who you aren’t you get a little bit closer to finding out exactly who you are.

After you know who you aren’t you have to take the next steps necessary to find out who it is that you are. Only you can do that because you don’t what those other people to decide who you are. Don’t let anyone else define you or who you are. They don’t deserve to have that chance.

Learn to break the rules of who society has conditioned you to be. Breaking away can be just a small change in your life. You could decide to take one night a week and just do what you want to do instead of feeling like you have to care for everyone else. Take care of you and your needs. That’s a small change but it can make you a much happier person.

Breaking away could also be a huge change in your life. You could decide on a career change – take some classes to move you toward your new career. Or you might want to turn a hobby into a full-fledged business. Find out what it takes to make that change and work toward it.

Make the changes positive ones and make sure they are changes you want to make. Don’t make changes to please anyone else. That’s not the purpose of finding out who you really are. These have to be changes that you feel are important in making your life better and making you a better person.

Learn to say no when you want to. If you are working to please yourself and you have something on your calendar and someone asks you to do something else, don’t feel obligated to do it. Remember to make yourself happy first and if it’s something you just don’t want to do then simply say no.

Don’t be afraid of making someone mad. If they get mad because you can’t do something for them then they aren’t worth having in your life anyway.

You have helped people for a long time now so make helping yourself more of a priority. You really can do it and not worry about whether someone else needs your help or not. If it is something you would like to do, then by all means do it.

If not, say no and tell them you have a prior commitment. Don’t break a commitment to yourself for someone else. In the end you’ll end up not being happy with your decision.

You are a wonderful human being and deserve the love that all of life has to offer. You deserve it from yourself most of all and then the rest will begin to fall into place. Think of yourself as your best friend and treat yourself exactly the way you treat your best friend.

You’ve got it going for you and when you figure out who you really are, you will be more in love with yourself than you are now. Self-love comes first and then all of the rest comes later. Don’t cheat yourself out of the best love that can happen to you. The love you give yourself every day of your life.

Yoga can help with this more than you even realize. When you are in a session you will realize just how great and strong you really are. You will learn to think about yourself like the wonderful person that you are now and the even better person you are becoming.

Yoga allows you to be who you are without question, without judgement and without worrying about what anyone thinks about you. It allows you to be strong, happy and healthy. So, take advantage of that and change your entire life!

It won’t always be easy to do and you’ll have bad days, but the good days will far outweigh the bad days so really, what have you got to lose? Absolutely nothing – so go out and be fabulous.