The origin of the word integrity is defined as “distance from evil and being without suspicions. Raising the soul away from disobedience and all ugliness.”

While the meanings of words change over time, this isn’t the worst definition. It might lack the straight-forwardness of a more modern definition, however:

Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

We can achieve integrity through a collection of values that preserves our moral principles. It involves holding a profound sense of right and wrong according to your distinct set of core values and aligning with those values.

At the heart of integrity is sticking to your ethical and moral principles in all areas of your life.

Integrity Is:

  • Amongst the most valuable characteristics, people look out for in others.
  • It is an unwavering and firm devotion to ethical and moral conduct.
  • A person with an enviable moral commitment, honesty, and readiness to do what is right.
  • Doing what is right without being influenced by the situation, people, or even your feelings.
  • Being emphatic, considerate, and honest to the perspective and lives of others.
  • Standing up for your ideas and perspectives in a kind, professional and respectful way.

A survey polled 100 working-class adults over 35 to find out the character they believed was most important in their co-workers and leaders. More than 80 of the people surveyed placed integrity amongst their top 3 characters while everybody listed it amongst their top 5 most desired qualities.

Without a doubt, integrity is a profoundly sought-after quality. After all, wouldn’t everyone love their co-workers to be honest, trustworthy, considerate, empathetic, and kind?

A business or company staffed by people with integrity is much more likely to achieve great success. Integrity is essential for achieving long-term and sustainable business (and personal!) success and growth.

A workspace (or social circle) becomes even more productive and enjoyable when every member acts with integrity. This is because every member feels respected and supported by others.

While practicing integrity is easy to learn, it can become quite difficult to stick to it all the time. However, if you stay committed and take small steps every day, you too can commit to a life of integrity.

Being a person of integrity will have an amazing and profound impact on not only your personal life but every other aspect of your life as well.